EXCLUSIVE: Vans & Feature Drop One Last Sinful Sneaker Pack

Vans and FEATURE may be longtime collaborators but all good things must come to an end and, thus, the pair are bidding farewell to their “Sinner’s Club” sneaker packs with a third and final outing, appropriately called the Vans Vault “Double Down Sinner’s Club” collection.

FEATURE’s latest and perhaps greatest “Sinner’s Club”-themed Vans collaboration yields a special Authentic and Old Skool that each wear deeply ridged corduroy, hairy suede, sturdy nubuck, embroidered heels, and screen-printed tongues.

Put simply, FEATURE’s Vans wear an impressively indulgent combo of colors, textures, and text, well-suited to the all-in attitude that pervades Las Vegas, where FEATURE has been based since 2010.

FEATURE has long channeled its environment into its sneaker collaborations, like the series of collaborative casino-themed Saucony sneakers that the boutique dropped over the past decade.

Fitting that FEATURE’s Vans shoes, which after the three Saucony drops were complete, would go even bigger on that inspiration.

First issued back in 2018, FEATURE and Vans’ “Sinners’ Club” packs have always given a pair of classic Vans sneakers a sumptuous makeover, typically yielding plush sneakers that wouldn’t be out of place in a pit boss’ wardrobe.

For instance, the first FEATURE x Vans “Sinner’s Club” pack debuted a set of gently sleazy sneakers laden with signifiers of the Vegas strip, like neon-hued velvet and the outline of a saucily posed woman.

FEATURE’s final “Sinner’s Club” Vans, which drop August 12 on Feature’s web store and its stores, are comparatively subtle, utilizing an abundance of visual stimuli to instead appeal to Vegas’ kitchen-sink headspace, shameless and stylized.

Vans’ Authentic has proven a strong contender for sneaker collaborator of the moment, having inspired recent collaborations with the likes of Montreal’s JJJJound, Shanghai’s Tagi., and the estate of late rapper Mac Miller.

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