Cody Rhodes Pinned Brock Lesnar At WWE SummerSlam

In their third — and what ultimately could be their final — encounter this year, Cody Rhodes pinned Brock Lesnar in Detroit at SummerSlam.

Rhodes jumped on Lesnar right out of the gate, but was met with a quick trip to suplex city. Lesnar continued to suplex Rhodes around the ring while taunting him. Lesnar knocked Rhodes to the outside twice and yelled at him to stay down, but he continued to beat the referee’s count. Lesnar threw Rhodes through the announce table, but he still refused to stay down.

Rhodes pulled off the turnbuckle protector as Lesnar suplexed him, then grabbed the stairs on the outside, but was stopped. Rhodes reversed Lesnar, pushed him into the steel post, then hit him with the stairs before hitting the Disaster Kick and two Cody Cutters.

Lesnar then locked in the Kimura, but Rhodes was able to reach the ropes. Lesnar hoisted Rhodes up for an F-5, but Rhodes reversed and pushed him chest-first into the exposed turnbuckle before then locking in a Kimura of his own, which Lesnar broke. Back on their feet, Rhodes hit three consecutive Cross Rhodes to earn the pinfall.

Rhodes and Lesnar traded wins in the WrestleMania fallout, with the latter turning on the former just a day after he fell short in his attempt to win the WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns. Rhodes earned a pinfall victory over Lesnar at Backlash with his arm stuck in the Kimura. Later at Night of Champions, Lesnar beat Rhodes thanks to a referee stoppage after passing out while locked in the Kimura.