Even Socks Were Too Much: Kanye’s Just Walkin’ Barefoot Now

Kanye “Ye” West was already pushing the boundaries of good taste with his borderline shoeless sock outfits. Now, Ye and Bianca Censori have foregone the sock shoes entirely: the YEEZY founder and wife are just walking around barefoot.

Currently on an apparent Italian vacation, Ye and Censori were seen on August 3 wearing no shoes at all, not even Ye’s beloved Sand Socks. Yep, just two grown adults strolling Italy barefoot. Someone make it make sense.

Ye was seen wearing some sort of saggy suit (shirtless) while Censori was clad, as usual, in a fairly scant outfit that barely hid her body: an opaque bra of sorts and floor-scraping skirt worn so low as to barely hang off of her tailbone.

It’s pretty crazy that after weeks of wearing sock shoes and MMA-style shinguards, Ye has ditched even that barely-there footwear and just gone full barefoot.

Ye and Censori must not be terribly germaphobic, though they may be insane. Pretty crazy that, even while wearing a suit, Ye is still breaking the “No shirt, no shoes, no service rule.”

This is a drastic turn of events for the couple’s trip to Italy, which has seen Ye switch up his recent YEEZY uniform with slightly looser pants, though he’s retained his now-signature sock shoes throughout it all.

Censori, meanwhile, at least used to wear real shoes (and more clothes).

Only a few days prior to their shared barefoot outing, Ye was seen wearing white clothes (an aberration these days) while Censori wore a way-too-small bikini top.

Tellingly, it appeared that she was already barefoot, so perhaps she was simply testing the waters before Ye also ditched his shoes.

Having already seemingly dropped sneakers entirely, Ye’s barefoot outing was hopefully a one-off and not indicative of his sockless, shoeless future. Perhaps he just got tired of wearing his (presumably smelly) sock shoes and ditched them in the car to stroll barefoot into the hotel.

But then, what about Censori, who seems to simply hate conventional footwear?

Perhaps coincidentally, these barefoot photos were posted mere days after the leak of Ye’s thus-far unreleased Aqua sock shoe, which hints at the future of a post-adidas YEEZY. At least YEEZY (the brand) hasn’t entirely given up on footwear, even if Yeezy (the man) has.

Remember that adidas’ sale of leftover YEEZY sneakers began just a day prior to Ye’s barefoot outing.

Even though Ye’s also profiting from the sales — perhaps Ye’s last time receiving an adidas paycheck — perhaps Ye’s shoelessness is a quiet protest against adidas releasing YEEZY shoes.

Can’t sell YeEZYs with adidas? How ’bout no shoes at all?

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