OMEGA & Swatch’s MoonSwatch Is Back & Swiss-er Than Ever

Listen up, OMEGA x Swatch heads. The MoonSwatch is back with a new iteration.

Swatch and OMEGA recently debuted a new rendition of their collaborative and immensely-popular Mission to the Moon MoonSwatch timepiece, with the latest celebrating Swiss National Day (August 1), speaking to the brands’ shared Swiss watch heritage.

Like the “Pink” version released back in May, the newest OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch sees the seconds hand updated, this time receiving a Swiss lantern pattern as a nod to the labels’ Swiss roots.

Other than the unique hand-finishing (presumably completed with Swiss pride), the latest MoonSwatch preserves all of the bells and whistles of the beloved Mission to Moonshine Gold watch, including the signature black and grey Mission to the Moon case made of Swatch’s signature Bioceramic material, a black velcro strap, and quartz movement.

And, of course, you can’t miss that familiar moon-like cover concealing the watch’s battery hatch.

The latest OMEGA x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch launches on Swiss National Day (again August 1) on Swatch’s website for the price of $300, in case any MoonSwatch fanatics were looking to add the piece to their collection. And, if they really want, the collaborative timepiece is already flipping on resale sites. Check out our favorite OMEGA x Swatch colorways at resale here.

Last year, Swatch and OMEGA’s MoonSwatch shook up the watch world with its collaborative release. The $260 watch garnered immense hype, selling out instantly across the globe and fetching thousands of dollars on the resale market.

Lucky for fans, Swatch and OMEGA would go on to give fans quite a few restocks and plenty of more MoonSwatches to gush over, including fresh versions of the Moonshine Gold MoonSwatch, though they’ll always want more.

The people very much want MoonSwatches and, for now, Swatch and OMEGA is providing them (albeit in limited drops). Can’t be mad at that, except for the fact that everyone wants wider releases and more often.

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