Here’s What’s Going Down on Nike SNKRS Day 2023

Nike SNKRS DAY, sneakerheads’ favorite holiday, is around the corner. Woohoo!

For 2023, Nike’s doing its annual SNKRS drop festivities a little differently (but in a good way). For one, there’s been a date change, so please don’t stalk your apps on August 8, the typical SNKRS Day. Secondly, 2023 SNKRS Day will be for all to enjoy, including United States’ Nike members. Another woohoo for the people!

We know you may have a few burning questions about 2023 SNKRS Day, like what the day will entail, what sneakers are dropping, and maybe even what the heck is even SNKRS Day (you know, for the newer Nike shoppers). No worries.

Below, we did the honors, whipping up a thorough list of the shoes dropping for Nike SNKRS Day 2023 and the meaning behind the sportswear giant’s special day for sneaker lovers.

Happy holidays!

What is Nike SNKRS Day?

Nike SNKRS Day is a Swoosh-made holiday celebrating sneakerheads, typically hosted on the Nike SNKRS app as the day’s name implies.

The first-ever Nike SNKRS Day went down on August 8, 2017, and would go on to be held annually on that same date. 2023 marks the Nike SNKRS Day’s sixth anniversary.

When is 2023 Nike SNKRS Day?

2023 Nike SNKRS Day goes down on Saturday, September 9. So, mark your calendars!

Previously, Nike SNKRS Day was held on August 8 yearly and exclusive to Nike’s European members. 2023’s SNKRS event will be accessible to all global Nike members. Rejoice!

What time does Nike SNKRS Day start?

It’s currently unknown what time the 2023 SNKRS Day will start this year. However, last year’s event reportedly began around 12PM and lasted until 9PM.

What happens on Nike SNKRS Day?

In the past, Nike has offered a days-worth of events for Nike SNKRS Day, including panel discussions, live performances, and scavenger hunts.

That being said, it’s safe to say that sneakerheads are mostly look forward to surprise shoe restocks, shock drops, and SNKRS Day-exclusive sneaker releases.

What’s dropping on SNKRS Day 2023?

Right now, Nike’s official release info for SNKRS Day 2023 is unknown.

The Swoosh is typically hush-hush on its SNKRS Day releases, generally waiting ’til the day of the event to surprise fans with a restock of a shoe it already dropped or revealing a pair of sneakers that haven’t even dropped yet. It could go either way or both ways, honestly.

However, sneaker leakers can’t just wait for Nike to announce the goods: there are always rumored drop lists of SNKRS Day releases every year, and 2023 is no different.

Fans are already predicting the return of a coveted drop like the Chicago 1s, Nike SB Jordan 4 “Pine Green,” Tiffany AF1s, or Jarritos Dunks for 2023 SNKRS Day.

Last year, Nike dropped the Taxi Jordan 1s, Canyon Purple 4s, Air Max 1 “Tour Yellow,” and Air Force 1 “SNKRS Day.” And judging by screenshots shared across social media, quite a few Nike fans got lucky that day — some glimmer of hope for those over their endless SNKRS Ls.

Who can participate in Nike SNKRS Day?

Anyone with a Nike membership and the SNKRS app can enjoy 2023’s Nike SNKRS Day. For the first time, Nike will extend the SNKRS Day invite to “all global members,” per a press statement, including US Nike heads.

Until 2023, Nike SNKRS Day was exclusive to Europe’s Nike customers.

What year did the SNKRS app come out?

Nike launched the SNKRS app on August 8, 2015, as a sneaker-release-focused extension initially offered in select European countries — which explains the European exclusivity and where SNKRS Day got its date.

In addition to the latest shoe drops and sometimes exclusive releases access (if you’re lucky), Nike’s SNKRS app also has some interactive content, exclusive interviews with collaborators, street style ‘fits provided by the community, live events like Jordan shoe previews, and, of course, the anticipated SNKRS Day happenings.

Is there a Nike Day?

There isn’t really a “Nike Day” but there is Nike Air Max Day (March 26) and Nike SNKRS Day, which is more like Amazon’s Prime Day than an actual holiday.

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