Next on KITH’s World Tour: Toronto, Canada

It looks like KITH will be traveling further up north to put a new store in the 6, a.k.a. Toronto, Canada.

There have been murmurs of KITH Toronto for some time now, suggesting that Ronnie Fieg’s brand is set to take on Toronto’s Yorkville Avenue for its next retail spot.

Yorkville Avenue is the Canadian city’s bubbling retail hotspot which has scored noteworthy tenants like John Elliot, Balenciaga, Versace, and Chanel in the past few years. So, adding the buzzy name that is KITH to the neighborhood group chat of cool kids certainly makes sense.

As of early July, KITH’s Toronto store was still reportedly under construction, predicted to open as early as September in tandem with Toronto International Film Festival. Also, at the time, a couple of reported job listings for the KITH’s Toronto space were floating around the internet, in case any Toronto folk were looking to add KITH to their resumes.

However, KITH itself has yet to utter a word about the Toronto space — but it has dropped a few subtle hints.

In July, a KITH Treats t-shirt listed all the locations of the brand’s dessert shop (thus far), typically found inside KITH stores. The last stop on the tee, you ask? Yorkville, Toronto.

Most recently, KITH teamed up with Marvel for a collaboration celebrating the X-Men’s milestone 60th anniversary, blessing fans with Mutant-influenced ASICS sneakers and extremely-limited edition products for Marvel and KITH heads to geek over.

Amongst the special products was a Friends and Family comic, which displayed a collaborative X-Men graphic on the front and what looks like a layout of KITH Toronto on the back.

The teases scream that new store opening is on the horizon, that’s for sure. But, it’s not official till KITH says so. So until then (if it happens), we wait.

In the meantime, what special product drops do you think the Toronto store may offer? More exclusive ASICS colorways? Another surprising three-way shoe collab? Another KITH Barbie?!

We know the movie is already out but it’s never too late for a dripped-out Barbie doll, right?

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