HOKA Slip-Ons? About Time

It’s about time that HOKA ONE ONE ditched the laces on its ultra-comfortable running shoes. As a borderline Orthopedic Sneaker Enjoyer myself, I’m speaking from experience when I say that the only problem I ever had with HOKA sneakers was that they weren’t even easier to get on your foot.

HOKA’s Restore TC slip-on solves that issue but quick.

Essentially a classic HOKA running shoe sans laces, the HOKA ONE ONE Restore TC is likely to be about as marmite as any of the French company’s other beefily cushioned sneakers but, if you’re like me and already enjoy the taste of HOKA, the Restore TC is no less a treat.

Part of the appeal is the price: compared to the HOKA TC 1.0, its sneaker forebear, the Restore TC comes in about $90 cheaper. (Did you know that the “TC” stands for “Thoughtful Creation?” Now you do).

We’re talking $110 to $200 so it ain’t a bargain either way but, then again, that’s not a tall order for an extremely comfortable and comparably thoughtful shoe.

Currently only available at specialist HOKA retailers, the Restore TC ought to be getting a wider release later this year.

The appeal isn’t limited to the Restore TC’s inherent stretchy ease, either. What I particularly like is that its debut colorways are fairly handsome neutrals (HOKA makes the only all-black sneakers I can fully get behind) and that the shoe is fitted with HOKA’s quintessential Hubble sole unit, a hefty, treaded number that guarantees a return on expended energy with each step.

It’s also a step up (ha) from HOKA’s conventional recovery footwear line, which typically only includes molded rubber sandals and a few pairs of squishy, packable mules.

At the end of the day, in my book, comfort is all that really matters, and that’s the exact box that the Restore TC seems intended to tick. All they need is GORE-TEX lining and they’ll be all-season-friendly.

Expect to see Adam Sandler rocking them shortly.

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