A Lana Del Rey Fan Page Falsely Claimed Kehlani Broke Their Leg, And Users Online Clapped Back With Receipts

Over the last week, Doja Cat has taken aim at fan pages declaring their obsession with public figures is unhealthy. Although the stance has caused the “Attention” rapper to lose over 250,000 followers online, Lana Del Rey may need to take a page out of her playbook.

In an attempt to champion Del Rey, a stan page on X (formerly Twitter) has taken to the platform to poke fun at Kehlani for breaking their leg while attending Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour stop in New Jersey yesterday (July 30). In the post, the fan page uploaded what appeared to be a screenshot from the musician’s Instagram stories, with the caption, “Kehlani breaks her leg at the Beyonce concert, continuing the Lana prophecy!”

The only problem is after users rushed to Kehlani’s Instagram stories, they quickly learned that the image posted on Twitter had been altered. Atop the photo uploaded by the fan page is a note that reads, “Broke my leg at the Beyoncé concert lol. Still had an amazing time!” But, in Kehlani’s original post, the same text does not appear.

Users quickly began to scold the fan page for such a disgusting fabrication by uploading an unedited screenshot.

“Y’all bored asf huh,” wrote asked user.

Another added, “Y’all are very weird… Kehlani is fine.”

While a former Lana Del Rey stan chimed in to write, “This is why I left the Lana Tumblr era back in 2017-2019 bc this is wild to be saying.”

“The way this isn’t remotely true, y’all added text on their Insta story post? Why,” wrote a user questioning the stan page.

“It’s kinda sick that, in a way, we’re manifesting that something bad happens to them,” wrote another.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.