Even Pregnant, Rihanna Can Still Rage

Rihanna may be nearly eight months through her second pregnancy with A$AP Rocky but that ain’t gonna stop her from raging. Against the machine, that is.

Seen out late on July 25, Rihanna wore a cropped Rage Against the Machine T-shirt over her growing stomach with enormous, doodled denim jeans, and sparkly heels to match her glitzy hobo bag.

It’s yet another typically excellent look for the soon-to-be mom of two, who has mastered the art of making high-style pregnancy looks appear effortless. How many other pregnant folks do you know stepping out to dinner in a crop top and pumps?

If Rihanna and Rocky are playing music for their second kid, they could do a lot worse than Rage Against the Machine.

Amusing to imagine the 35-year-old billionaire putting headphones blaring “Take the Power Back” over her belly but, hey, why not?

Since Rihanna began making public appearances with her first pregnancy over a year ago, she’s demonstrated a few tricks that prove her styling skill.

Firstly, Rihanna’s got an eye for statement pieces, be they funky patterned coats or band T-shirts. They fill the function of adding visual flair to even an otherwise understated look.

Secondly, she’s unmatched in terms of proportional balance, either pairing a cropped top with baggy pants or going full cozy with an oversized top.

This is both practical (giving the baby ample room) but also purposeful, as it makes for easy outfits rich with thoughtful detail.

Notice that Rihanna’s jeans are unbuttoned, for instance: they’re likely more comfortable that way but it’s also a personal touch that makes the look that much more interesting.

It looks so simple but Rihanna’s latest look is just another example of her objectively great wardrobe and objectively great taste. She’d look cool were she not two-thirds of the way through her pregnant but the fact that she’s pulling off these outfits so effortlessly while with child only makes it all that much more impressive.

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