Acne Studios Say Aliencore Is Next — And We Are Listening

Each new season is the perfect opportunity to get crazy with our outfits. Investing in an eye-catching outerwear piece might be a little scary, but accessories and sneakers are a great way to introduce boldness to your wardrobe. We’ve had some bold sneaker designs such as the Balenciaga Ripped-Apart Paris kicks or the Loewe Grass sneakers. Now, these Acne Studios Bubba Sneakers join the ranks of this new aliencore craze.

The Stockholm-based fashion label masters at blurring the line between tailored and bold with its beautiful juxtaposed designs. This season, though, Jonny Johansson — Acne Studios’ Creative Director — is leaning toward a more playful aesthetic with colorful pieces such as its Teddy Bear Backpack, Printed Dog Tee, and these Acne Studios Bubba Sneakers at the fore.

Acne Studios has definitely elevated its knit game with these eye-catching gems. As the name implies, the Bubba Sneakers are giving bubble energy thanks to their knitted, vein-like details throughout. These also feature a 45mm rubber grip outsole offering height. Paired with their lace metal studs, these shoes make for a super practical ‘I just threw this on’ look. Plus, the pastel green and purple hues enhance its somewhat quirky, alien-esque aesthetic.

As we said at the outset, sometimes one bold piece can be just the thing to make your outfit stand out. Whether you want to go all out or show off your footwear game, these Acne Studios Bubba Sneakers are the head-turner you need in your summer sneaker rotation.

Shop the Acne Studios Bubba Sneakers below.

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