Timothée Chalamet: Same Big Shorts, Fresh Pine Green Jordan 4s

Same ‘fit, different vibes. Timothée Chalamet returns to preserve his dress-down supremacy, running back a previous black outfit with some fresh pine green kicks.

A coffee run in Soho called for the same Supreme tiny Box Logo long sleeve and big ol’ black pocket-heavy shorts (hey, can’t knock a rewear…as long as it gets washed).

This time, however, Chalamet accessorized his stealthy clothes with a Prada baseball cap and Nike SB’s Pine Green 4s, one of 2023’s biggest releases which came, went, came again, and — deep breath — went again.

Supreme, Prada, and the sought-after Pine Green 4s? Chalamet, the quiet flexer you are. And we’re not knocking it.

Chalamet is having quite the summer — a hot girl summer, honestly. Since the warm weather’s kicked in, Chalamet’s been on the up and up, from a rumored relationship with Kylie Jenner to entering his Chanel and Wonka era (though everyone isn’t a fan of the latter).

Not to mention, he’s been out here living like it’s 2010 again in his favorite blue COMME des GARCONS Converse, while everyone else rides the ongoing Samba wave.

And Chalamet szn gets better — as if it was already off to a great start.

Chalamet even played Adam Sandler in a friendly basketball game this past weekend, which felt more like a big short-off between the two and their billowing knee-grazing trousers.

Though, there’s no topping the OG of huge shorts. They don’t call it Sandlercore for a reason.

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