Of Course, Seth Rogen’s New Side Table Is Also an Ashtray

It’s an ashtray. It’s a side table. It’s the Houseplant side table ashtray!

Seth Rogen’s Houseplant recently introduced its new homeware piece, the side table ashtray, which is exactly like it sounds: a decorative side table that also doubles as an ashtray.

Houseplant’s side table ashtray comes with a removable porcelain top equipped with wells for smokers to ash their joints or hold other 420-friendly items like lighters or roll-ups. The rest of the piece consists of four simple steel legs.

The smoker-friendly piece comes in olive, black, and orange color options, each for a pretty decent price of $195. If you’re already sold, Houseplant’s side table ashtray is currently up for grabs on Houseplant’s website.

It’s a simple, thoughtful design that undoubtedly speaks to the label’s ethos founded by Rogen and Evan Goldberg. After all, the brand “makes nice things for people for who love weed.” And the side table checks all the boxes.

Houseplant thrives on creating smoker-friendly accessories rooted in art-focused designs and top-notch materials. Noteworthy pieces include those unique ceramic ashtrays frequently seen on Rogen’s Instagram page (made by Rogen himself).

Houseplant even inspired Seth Rogen’s Airbnb collaboration, which saw the famed stoner-comedian offer fans a $42 stay at a LA house based on the smoking homeware brand. It even included a sesh with Rogen — a pottery session, that is. No weed was administered during stays.

Sadly, Houseplant’s side table ashtray doesn’t come with a side of Rogen.

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