A New Drake Meme Just Dropped

Drake and Central Cee recently joined forces for an On The Radar freestyle, which almost instantly went viral when it was released. Guess you could say the two make a great…combination.

While fans got 4-minutes worth of bars from the two faves, they were also blessed with a new Drake meme.

Less than a minute into the video, before any rapping had begun, Drake builds fans up with his usual chatting, “Some madness and badness. Combination.”

All it took was that last word — “combination” spoken in a debatable UK accent, we might add — and the internet had found its new reaction. And they ran with it.

The clip from Drake and Central Cee’s freestyle is making rounds on Twitter as we speak, used for relatable tweets involving this-or-that scenarios like shrimp or chicken at a Hibachi restaurant. The answer? UK Drake says “combination.”

Over are the days of island Drake. UK Drake is officially here, whether we like it or not. Wonder if he’ll be around For All the Dogs? Hmm.

Pretty much anything the musician does is bound to be the internet’s next reaction, from *that* “Hotline Bling” dance to his questionable request for 21 to his pout-lip selfies.

Drake needs to embrace it at this point: he’s just a walking meme.

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