More USA-Made New Balance 990s? Teddy Santis, You Shouldn’t Have

In case you’re wondering: it’s still New Balance Made in USA season. Specifically, the Teddy Santis-led line is still rolling out its season three collection. Having kicked off in June with magenta 990s, Santis is now ready to bless fans with a second helping of tasteful sneakers.

As promised, Santis’ third collection round two offers more 990s and a 996 rendered in “neutral tones and soft pastels,” per a press release. In short, schemes are rotation-ready for the season.

New Balance’s 990s — a 990v4 and 990v6 — rep for the “neutral tones,” arriving in delicious shades of beige, cream, and tan, which tops an impressive build of mesh and smooth suede paneling.

Moments of New Balance grey are courtesy of branding like the oversized N on the upper.

The 996, on the other hand, surfaces with pale pink hairy suede joined by smooth grey suede and beige mesh for the upper. Combined with classic New Balance and Made in USA branding, it serves the perfect quiet Barbie vibes. Indeed, this Barbie is a subtle flexer.

What more can we say? Santis has done it again with more perfectly-colored New Balances.

New Balance’s Made in USA 990v4, 990v6, and 996 will release on July 27 at New Balance’s website, just enough time to squeeze the warm-weather shoes in before the summer is out.

Then again, every season is Teddy Santis’ Made in USA season. So, flex them whenever you please.

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