Love MUJI? Now You Can Live in One (Temporarily)

Japanese high street company MUJI’s stores are like pocket-sized IKEAs, except that they all cover every facet of life rather than just furniture and meatballs. Each compact MUJI outpost is packed with an immense spread of home goods, accessories, and clothes that epitomize “unbranded, quality goods,” MUJI’s humble mission statement.

No surprise then that the MUJI lifestyle extends to living spaces à la the MUJI hotel. But what if someone furnished a stunning, century-old house exclusively with MUJI goods and you could live in it?

Why, then it’d be called the MUJI Base Kamogawa and it’d be available for Airbnb stays, of course!

Set within a 100-year-old family-sized house within the Chiba countryside 90 minutes south of Tokyo, MUJI Base Kamogawa is a stunning, historical residence fully decked-out with MUJI gear from top to bottom, because MUJI ain’t a brand, it’s a lifestyle, baby.

Currently available to book on Airbnb’s website, MUJI Base Kamogawa will run you ¥20,000 a night (about $142 at current exchange rates) which ain’t too bad considering that you can fit up to five folks in there at a time. Very fitting for a cost-effective brand like MUJI.

There are plenty of other freebies included with your stay, including MUJI soaps, lotions, and toothbrushes. Plus, you get to put MUJI’s minimalist accoutrement to the test, as you dine off MUJI plates, cook with MUJI utensils, store your clothes on MUJI hangers, and sleep under MUJI sheets. It’s as close as you can get to actually living in a MUJI.

And, as an unnecessary but amusing bonus, your stay grants you free coffee from the café inside the nearby MUJI Minnaminosato location.

You can also opt to pay a little more and really live off the land, if you wish.

For an extra ¥2,500-¥4,500 (about $17-$32), you can reserve deliveries of goods from local farmers and you really get what you pay for. The cheaper option will procure you a breakfast meal of seasonal fruits, handmade jam, and milk from a local farm, all delivered to your door and sizeable enough to feed at least a couple people.

Even if you don’t wanna indulge in the nearby produce, you can still soak in the stunning local scenery, literally — the MUJI house’s bathtub is situated nearby a massive open window (don’t worry, neighbors are nowhere in sight).

Just another great example of the neat places you can stay these days. No wonder a certain someone wanted to bring in the brains behind MUJI to remake his fast food meal.

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