All of a Sudden, Steph Curry Is… Actually Dressin’?

Stephen Curry is universally respected for consistently dominating the hardwood across his decade-long career. Stephen Curry is not so universally respected for his personal style. It’s not that his outfits are bad, per se, it’s just that Steph typically doesn’t dress to impress.

Well, that was how things used to be. The new Steph Curry is an objectively fashionable dude, as evidenced by his July stay in New York.

Thanks to stylists John Mumblo and Jason Bolden, Curry has been turning up around town in some appreciably slick looks while promoting Underrated, his biographic Apple TV+ documentary. Welcome to version 2.0 of the Steph Curry wardrobe.

Highlights include a rare tweed READYMADE x Denim Tears cotton wreath jacket, breezy Homme Plissé Issey Miyake suit, and — gulp — honest to god quiet luxury look that pairs a T-shirt from The Row with baggy slacks from Californian label Second/Layer.

Hey, quiet luxury may be the buzzword of the day but when it looks good, it looks good and Steph Curry is pulling it all off with aplomb.

Remember that Curry’s somehow nailing these layered outfits despite additional hurdles: it’s 85°F+ and humid in New York every day, for instance, and he’s gotta make sure that his clothes’ proportions flatter his lanky frame, which is easier than it sounds.

Steph Curry ain’t the tallest NBA player out there but that doesn’t make it less difficult to find clothes that fit as they should, especially considering how much of his stuff comes from Japanese brands like READYMADE and Issey Miyake.

Prior to his NYC outing, Curry’s off-court looks weren’t much to write home about. He received some deserved buzz for supporting Black-owned brands in 2022 but otherwise mostly goes under the radar with typically casual looks.

Like I said up top, nothing wrong with that but you wanna see these younger basketball players dig deep and do something with clothes. It’s not like they don’t have the cash or physiques for it.

You can’t buy style, as many of Curry’s peers have demonstrated, but there’s also no mistaking the NBA players with taste.

The terminally stylish Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, for instance, is synonymous with pitch-perfect ‘fits; he’s translated his innate sense of style to front-row Fashion Week appearances and fashion editorials.

LaMelo Ball, well, maybe not so much.

They can’t all be bangers, but you root for the guys who try. Kyle Kuzma has dished plenty of hits and misses alike and I’m just glad that he keeps swinging.

The best part of Steph Curry’s recent looks , though, is that it doesn’t even really look like he’s trying.

All three of Curry’s outfits look entirely organic and unaffected, like he just tossed it all on and didn’t think too hard. He’s nailing the ease that takes a ‘fit from “good” to “aspirational.”

Even if that sense of effortlessness is manufactured — Curry and his stylists presumably had several back-and-forths about brnds, colors, and fabrics before getting together for fittings — it’s the appearance of unbothered comfort and dialed-in fits that makes it all work.

This all bodes well for the future of Curry’s wardrobe. The only problem is that this just opens up an entirely new venue for the four-time NBA champ to dominate.

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