Drake’s Rottweiler Mask Is For All the Dogs

Here’s a question we never thought we’d be asking: why is Drake wandering around New York wearing a rottweiler mask?

The rapper, who’s currently in the midst of his It’s All a Blur tour with 21 Savage, was spotted leaving his NYC hotel on July 20 sporting a bizarre over-the-head canine mask as he headed to the Barclays Center.

Why? You’re guess is as good as ours. But perhaps it was a clever paparazzi decoy, or even a promotional stunt of sorts for his new solo album For All The Dogs? Maybe dog accessories are just his thing now?

Drake paired the fairly big and unrealistic rottweiler head with a New York Yankees jersey, grey sweatpants, brown (currently unidentifiable) sneakers, gold chains, and a drink in hand.

Earlier this week, the rapper made headlines once more after apparently throwing shade at Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour with a video displaying an animated older woman with black shades evil-laughing during his show.

This moment came off the back of the release of his new “poetry book”, Titles Ruin Everything, which is essentially 168 pages of corny Instagram captions.

Still, fashioning a rottweiler mask is a bizarre way to follow up recent proceedings, but each to their own we suppose. Although if canine-inspired accessories are going to be Drake’s thing from now on, perhaps he should consider switching his nickname.

Champagne Puppy, anyone?

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