Dorian Electra Shares Their Stantastic New Video For ‘Anon’ And Announces Their Third Album, ‘Fanfare’

Dorian Electra is known to wear their heart on their sleeve. In their latest video for their new song, “Anon,” the genderfluid icon reminds everyone that they are not the one to be f*cked with.

On “Anon,” Electra addresses the absurdities of social media, and alludes to people who believe they can talk freely to them, confusing access with familiarity.

“I do a little blasphemy as a treat / Instead of pressing send, yeah, I press delete / Made a threat thinkin’ that I should retreat / Back down, back down, and admit defeat,” they say.

In the song’s accompanying video, Electra walks through an office filled with people standing tall and bravely, despite their faces covered with paper bags. Electra maintains rockstar status, playing guitar and headbanging, unfazed by the anonymous haters.

“Anon” precedes Electra’s upcoming third studio album, Fanfare, which arrives this fall. According to a press release, Fanfare will feature Electra as they “explore parasocial relationships from the claims we stake on figureheads’ lives to taking in obsession, idolatry and pop culture as modern mythology.”

You can see the Fanfare and album artwork and tracklist below.

Dorian Electra Fanfare Cover
Charlotte Rutherford

1. “Symphony”
2. “Idolize”
3. “Freak Mode”
4. “Sodom & Gomorrah”
5. “Puppet”
6. “Manmade Horrors”
7. “Yes Man”
8. “Anon”
9. “Phonies”
10. “Touch Grass”
11. “Lifetime”
12. “Warning Signs”
13. “Wanna Be A Star”

Fanfare is out 10/6 via Dorian Electra. Find out more information here.