Travis Scott Found Another Way to Keep His ‘Utopia’ Sneakers Secret

Travis Scott is coming out with a new album and I’m sure many people are very excited. It’s supposed to be such a big deal, even, that Scott rented out the Great Pyramids to debut the record, which seems like a tad much but who knows: maybe Utopia, Scott’s next album, will actually match one of the world’s Seven Wonders.

I have my doubts but, hey, I’m just here for the clothes, man.

And, to that end, we have a new Travis Scott outfit on the menu for today. Seen leaving Burbank’s iHeartRadio Studio the day before debuting new single “K-POP,” which features famous K-Pop singers The Weeknd and Bad Bunny, Scott wore his typically ostentatious jewelry, sporty shades (though not his beloved Nike frames), a fuzzed-out graphic T-shirt, and, most importantly, enormous Rick Owens pants.

Specifically, Scott is wearing a pair of Rick Owens’ $1,100 Jumbo Belas denim cargo pants, tactically deployed to obscure whatever sneakers he’s wearing from prying eyes.

This way, Scott gets to have his cake and eat it too: he can wear his mysterious signature Jordan Brand shoes (seriously, what’s up with those), much-coveted Utopia-branded Jordan 1 shoes, or even those John McEnroe-approved Mac Attacks without having his rabid fans pester him for sneaker deets, which is a real thing that happens in real life.

Sorry folks, you wanna see what rare Nikes Travis Scott is wearing today? No dice. Not unless his enormous, ragged pant hems accidentally flip skywards, Marilyn Monroe-style.

This is how you keep wearing those unreleased, unexplained sneakers without letting any more info or angles dribble out into the digital world.

This is also the Rick Owens-approved pant-shoe-interaction, believe it or not, though I believe that Owens prefers to keep his hems relatively levitated, frequently pairing his ultra-baggy pants with ginormous heels and his signature beefed-up sneakers, of which Scott is a longtime fan. Same for Owens’ staple drop-crotch shorts, too.

Also accompanying Travis Scott to his studio sesh — Utopia itself. Yes, Scott is still having his lackeys lug around a Utopia-branded suitcase that presumably contains the master recordings of his new album.

At this point, is is worth the stunt any more? Not that I think the record is danger, it’s just that I can’t imagine anyone still getting excited to see the Utopia suitcase yet again.

But what do I know, I’m just here for the clothes.

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