A$AP Rocky Follows Rihanna’s Orders for New Diapers, Debuts New Single ‘RIOT (ROWDY PIPE’N)’ in Beats Studio Pro Campaign

A$AP Rocky stars in his self-directed Beats Studio Pro campaign, which Rihanna makes a cute audio cameo in, that launched Thursday (July 20).

In the minute-long “Iconic Sound” campaign video, which marks the rapper’s directorial debut for a brand commercial, Rocky tinkers around with his new, Pharrell-produced single “RIOT (ROWDY PIPE’N) in his home studio before his superstar partner requests, “Babe! Can you go to the store? We ran out of diapers.” Rihanna’s wish is Rocky’s command, as he throws on his Timberland boots and new Beats Studio Pro headphones over the white tee he tied around his braids so he can go on a proper diaper run. For all of the fans who saw videos online of Rocky sprinting around New York in his Timbs while his doppelgangers followed suit, now you know why.

After flinging flowers, leaping over trash bins and skidding on top of cabs, Rocky finally pulls up to the AWGE Bodega, cleverly named after his creative agency, and buys AWGEY’s Diapers that features an adorable photo of his and Rihanna’s 1-year-old son RZA on the package. Like the song suggests, Rocky starts a riot outside the bodega as paparazzi chase him down the street before he makes it home.

“Babe! You gotta go back,” Rihanna yells from the other room after Rocky sits back down at his studio set-up. “These are the wrong size.”

The Beats Studio Pro headphones are now available at the Apple store and for $349.99 in the U.S., Canada, France and Germany, as well as at authorized resellers. The headphones come in four premium colors: black, deep brown, navy and sandstone.

“I’ve been a fan of Beats since the beginning, so this has been a full-circle experience,” Rocky said in a press release. “I had a vision in mind for this project, and they provided the space for me to zone in and fully express my creativity.”

“RIOT (ROWDY PIPE’N)” will be featured on Rocky’s upcoming fourth studio album, Don’t Be Dumb. He announced the new album was done during his Amazon Music Live concert last December, where he debuted his latest single “Same Problems?” before officially releasing it this January.