Beyoncé Teases a Mysterious New Perfume

Attention, BeyHive: Something smelly is coming. Pop Base, Twitter’s resident pop culture newsmonger, unearthed a hidden page on Beyoncé’s website for what appears to be a new perfume “crafted and designed” by Queen B herself.

Currently, there’s no option to purchase Beyoncé’s newest fragrance, though fans can sign up for e-mail notifications for when it’ll be available — it appears that the scent will release first as a pre-order. A U.S.- and Canada-exclusive release, Beyoncé’s eau de parfum boasts top notes of clementine and golden honey, heart notes of rose and jasmine, and base notes of myrrh and amber, according to the dedicated parfum website.

Like tickets to Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, the scent won’t come cheap and, like most things co-signed by Beyoncé (except that adidas collection), it probably won’t stick around for long.

Bottles will be priced at $160 apiece, a figure that had one fan declare on Twitter: “yeah we ain’t giving $160 to a billionaire.” Perhaps justifying the price, the site notes that the forthcoming Beyoncé scent is “formulated in France,” “encased in art,” and comes with a “special gift” while supplies last.

The mysterious drop is hardly Beyoncé’s first olfactive project, though it is her first in some time.

The star has more than a few perfumes under her belt. Beyoncé’s parfum projects date back to 2009, the year that she released her first fragrance, Heat, produced by Coty. Other scents on her résumé include Pulse, formulated by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, and Rise. Both of the latter scents retailed for under $100 but all of Beyoncé’s fragrances were packaged in translucent, vertical bottles.

The new scent, which appears to be called “act 1 renaissance,” looks more squat by comparison.

Head to Beyoncé’s website to get a first look at her upcoming fragrance — and watch this space for updates on when it’s slated to release.

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