Welcome to DIALLO: “The New American Luxury” by Dex Rob & Tyrod Taylor

Stylist Dex Rob and New York Giants quarterback Tyrod Taylor are known to cook up incredibly stylish off-field looks together. Now, the duo has combined their fashion tastes for a new luxury streetwear brand. And thus, DIALLO was born.

Rob and Taylor define their new brainchcild as “the new American luxury,” with DIALLO delivering premium wardrobe classics with a street style edge while keeping practicality and craftsmanship in mind.

While the two have been teasing DIALLO’s launch for quite some time now, the first collection is finally here, currently available on the DIALLO’s website as I type this.

Retro mesh jerseys, gradient leather shirts, suede colorblock jackets, and lightweight hoodies with deliberately-worn details join cargo trousers, leather pants, and roomy wide-leg shorts for the initial offering.

Buckroe Beach tees serve as fashionable nods to the founders’ Virginia roots, referencing Hampton’s beach. It’s certainly got this Virginia writer missing home.

DIALLO also offers up handmade crochet pieces, including some shorts and a sweater vest. Our cover star and NFL player Stefon Diggs already gave the vest his seal of approval. Given his fashion track record (he styled himself for our cover), we trust him.

The collection is topped off with an earthy palette of beige, brown, olive green, rust, and black, resulting in some pretty tasteful options for select pieces.

DIALLO’s pieces are pretty straightforward, and quite frankly, that’s the beauty of it — and probably the whole point.

The ease of DIALLO’s piece allows wearers to express themselves and style them how they choose. According to a press statement, that’s DIALLO at the core: “celebrating individuality, embracing a fresh perspective, and cultivating the next generation of athletes and fashion enthusiasts.”

DIALLO’s garments certainly look like something you’d catch Taylor flexing on game day, pulled by Rob, of course. Indeed like the countless ‘fits they’ve created together, it may be safe to say that Taylor and Rod scored another touchdown with DIALLO.

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