Ron DeSantis Trolled Trump Over Not Knowing What The Hell A Dairy Queen Blizzard Is (And He Definitely Knows What They Are)

Every now and then Donald Trump lets slip an inconvenient truth. Sometimes it’s that he knows he lost re-election in 2020. Last week it was that he, a purported man of the people, had no idea about the existence of one of Dairy Queen’s most popular items. “What the hell is a Blizzard,” the former president blurted out while buying ice cream for his fans on the campaign trail. Now his closest GOP rival is exploiting that — though it’s not exactly clear if he knows what one is either.

As per HuffPost, Ron DeSantis paid a visit to the ice cream (and burger) joint during a stop in Iowa, and he made sure to troll the guy who’s clobbering him by double digits.

“When you’re here you’ve got to do a Dairy Queen, and I appreciate Sen. [Chuck] Grassley setting that,” the Florida governor said, referring to his fellow Republican, who sang the chain’s praises last week.

That might have been merely a not-so-subtle dig had DeSantis not added something that made his words seem suspicious. “I’ve known what Blizzards are for a long time,” he said — something a normal person who’s eaten the confection before would definitely say, to prove their Dairy Queen bona fides.

To his credit, DeSantis reportedly ordered an Oreo Blizzard — one of the better varieties, which he then claimed he’d enjoyed since he was a kid. He said his kids also like the chain, which is more believable than if Trump had claimed Don Jr. and Ivanka always loved Blizzards, which they definitely haven’t because none of Trump’s kids, not even Barron, have ever stepped foot in a Dairy Queen.

Will DeSantis’ DQ stop save his floundering campaign? Perhaps someone at Fox News, which is reportedly souring on him, will notice the video and act accordingly.

(Via HuffPost)