Ahoy! Tag Heuer’s Iconic Skipper Is Back

All Aboard! Tag Heuer’s Skipper has returned to the high seas.

There are iconic Tag Heuer timepieces for just about every sport, from racing (Monaco) to swimming (Aquaracer). In the world of boats, Tag Heuer’s Skipper reigns supreme.

After a 40-year absence, the Skipper is back, baby, returning in a new look based on another legendary Tag Heuer piece, the Carrera. Let’s get into the design, shall we?

For starters, the Skipper bares no bezel. Instead, it boasts a “glass box”” based on the most recent Carrera.

The Skipper’s glass box covers the edge of the case, curved flange dial, and chronograph counters, providing a clear view of the watch’s features — clear enough to read during most sea conditions, including rough waters.

Other noteworthy features include the color palette: teal, orange, green, and blue. The newest Skipper comes with the Carrera’s signature blue dial, while OG Skipper colors strike elsewhere.

The 12-hour counter boasts teal, finished with a cured Skipper branding. At the same time, the 15-minute sub-dial offers teal, green, and orange.

Jack Heuer served as the official timing partner of the America’s Cup boat Intrepid during the 1960s, and from his involvement came the sea-ready Skipper.

Again, the original model boasted those very colors, each serving a different purpose.

Orange signaled to the crew that 5 minutes was left in the race. Green nodded to the Intrepid’s rigging. Lastly, the teal was borrowed from the deck.

The latest may have a few updates, but there’s no denying the spirit of the original.

The Carrera Skipper is complete with a 39mm steel case (water-resistant, of course), TH20-06 movement with bi-directional winding, and a blue textile strap, bringing together the watch’s luxury and sports appeal.

Interested in adding the newest Skipper to your watch collection? The $6,750 Carrera Skipper is currently available at Tag Heuer locations (check with your local dealer for more info).

The Carrera Skipper will be “more attainable,” per a press statement, with the watch leading a wider core offering of sea-worthy models to come. Aye aye, Tag Heuer.

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