This sacai Collection Is Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Trippiest Film

sacai is dropping a collection inspired by a Christopher Nolan banger (hint: it’s not his best film ever, the Dark Knight).

Specifically, these sacai pieces are all about Interstellar, Nolan’s science-fiction epic, complete with an A-List cast of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Matt Damon.

For this sacai drop, Chitose Abe’s label uses scenes from the mind-blowing film as graphics from autumn-ready apparel.

The results? Morse Code and bookshelf graphics materialize as allover prints for thick cardigans, sweaters, puffer jackets, and bombers, finished with signature sacai touches like draping, contrasting textures, and asymmetry.

Spoiler in case you haven’t seen Interstellar: a bookshelf in the movie allowed McConaughey’s character Cooper to communicate with his daughter through Morse Code. Again, trippy stuff here.

The collection also includes a longline parka, which appears reversible, equipped with both the Morse signals and bookcase concept on the piece’s respective sides.

There will also be t-shirts, graphic-heavy trousers, and dresses up for grabs when sacai’s Interstellar collection drops on July 14. Curious fashion minds and Interstellar fans can shop it at sacai and select stockists.

sacai’s Interstellar pieces first appeared during the Fall/Winter 2023 runway show. Though, we were a bit distracted by the Carhartt jackets and Nike collab featuring the revived Footscapes on the catwalk, at the time.

But yes, sacai Interstellar collab was there. Now, it’s finally arrived, presenting us with another gentle, stylish reminder of Nolan’s most mind-blowing film.

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