Jamie Foxx Has Been Spotted Looking ‘Vibrant’ And ‘Cheerful’ In First Public Appearance Since His Mysterious Medical Emergency

Jamie Foxx has been spotted out in public for the first time since his mysterious “medical complication.” The actor was filmed (via TMZ) taking his boat down the Chicago River on Sunday afternoon where he was seen waving to fans and in good spirits. Foxx even fired off his first tweet since the medical emergency that’s sparked a wave of online rumors about his health status.

“Boat life ? Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn,” Foxx tweeted. “Stay blessed!”

According to TMZ, Foxx was “looking pretty vibrant” and “cheerful” as he said hello to boats passing by. On top of that, the actor reportedly hit the town later that night, further solidifying his friends and family’s claims that he’s on the mend:

Here’s another positive update TMZ can provide … we’ve seen more footage of Jamie spending a night out on the town in the Chicago area Saturday, getting active on his feet, no less, and looking to be in great spirits there too. That clip is yet an extra sign that the man appears to be doing fairly okay at this point … and that he’s perhaps ready to start venturing out more and more as he gets back to 100%.

Not much is known about what happened to Foxx to put him in the hospital, and according to those closest to him, folks may never know. Foxx is notoriously private, and he doesn’t plan to change.

“If you’ve noticed, Jamie Foxx has always been on the low,” Foxx’s Dad Stop Embarrassing Me co-star Porscha Coleman recently told Entertainment Tonight. “Even when it came to dating, Jamie’s always been private, so it never surprised me. Once I heard the news, of course, I reached out, but how Foxx is doing it is how Foxx should be doing it. He’s resting, he’s well. And he’s going to be back. Trust and believe.”

(Via TMZ)