NOCTA’s Hot Step Sneaker Gets a Sequel

Drake’s “It’s All A Blur” Tour just started, and it’s already had its fair share of surprises, including a NOCTA shoe preview.

Indeed. While kicking off the tour, Drake naturally debuts some fresh NOCTA, well, kicks. Specifically, the 6 God debuted first looks at the Nike NOCTA Hot Step 2.

Drake flexed two bright colorways between outfit changes, including a vibrant orange pair and a green iteration (similar to an unreleased NOCTA x Nike Zoom Flight 95-inspired sneaker revealed earlier this year).

From what we can see, the sequel to the NOCTA Hot Step Air Terra boasts a new design, evident with the sort of rippled concept on the upper. At the same time, a seemingly gleaming metallic piece stretches from the heel to about mid-shoe.

It’s undoubtedly a shoe tease, to say the least. Drake’s baggy, bunched-up trousers reveal just enough to get sneakerheads talking.

NOCTA has its hits. NOCTA has its miss. Regardless, Drake’s brand ain’t letting up. The label is sitting on quite a few shoes at the moment, from those Zoom Flight-influenced whatchamacallits to, apparently, a Zoom Drive.

Now, a Hot Step 2 has entered that chat. At this point, NOCTA fans just want to know: when will they finally see the light of the day? Hopefully, given these summer-y colorways, soon.

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