21 Savage + Denim Tears + Fantasia = An Unbeatable Tour Package

It’s All A Blur: the 21 Savage Experience is pretty iconic if you ask me.

During night two of the anticipated tour with Drake, 21 Savage again walked out to Fantasia’s hit song “When I See You.”

In case you missed it: 21 loves some R&B — if you couldn’t tell by how the musician once serenaded us with his cover of Keyshia Cole’s “Love.”

What made 21 Savage’s entrance even more epic? It wasn’t that a fan ambushed him and got gently shoved by security. Though, 21 seemed to find the moment amusing.

Instead, I’m talking about the greatness that was his ensemble: a bright red Denim Tears ‘fit. The unreleased outfit designed by Tremaine Emory’s label included a jacket and matching trousers emblazoned with the brand’s twinkling Cotton Wreath motifs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Denim Tears look is custom-made for 21 as part of his tour wardrobe. At the same time, I’d keep an eye out for Denim Tears’ Instagram page — we could see these pieces potentially land on the site later. Maybe. Who knows?

In short, I say all this to say: 21 Savage entering the show, wearing Denim Tears as Fantasia plays in the background is pretty great.

The long-awaited It’s All A Blur tour is finally here, with Drake and 21 kicking things off in Chicago on a grand scale. A few highlights thus far included Drake sitting next to a younger Drake, a massive Virgil Abloh statue, flying saucers and uh sperm (?), and an epic setlist of hits from both artists.

Well, time to add 21 Savage’s Denim Tears walkout to the list, too.

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