Unpacking Yet *Another* Kanye & Bianca Outfit

Where does one begin unpacking these latest Kanye “Ye” West and Bianca Censori outfits? Because they are, quite frankly, baffling.

From the return of Ye’s shoulder pads and his Sand Sock “shoes” (no YEEZY SOCK SNEAKER yet) to Censori’s beekeeper (?) outfit, this image reveals some strange looks riddled with unanswerable questions. Yet here we are trying to answer them.

So, let’s start with Ye. In short, Ye – who is currently hiring YZY interns from Craigslist – is in nearly the same outfit he wore on May 25: a shoulder pad-fitted Polizei t-shirt, shoeless feets that appear to be the new YEEZY SOCK SNEAKERs, and a pair of tight leggings making an appearance in place of Ye’s typical baggy hoodie and oversized black pants. This is apparently Ye’s new YEEZY uniform.

While Ye’s outfit is still truly perplexing, what’s even more bewildering is the fact that, on this occasion, Censori’s ensemble is even crazier side than Ye’s get-up. Remarkable, really.

As we know, Ye has a bit of a history of playing dress-up with his partners (remember when he Diesel’d-out Julia Fox?) but Censori is taking things to new levels.

The former YEEZY architect — who wedded Ye back in January 2023 — arrived at Sunday Service behind Ye’s refurbished Calabasas ranch house constrained in a thin black gauze-like dress with matching high-heeled boots, and a giant foam neck brace that encircled Censori’s shoulders and face like she’s a bougie beekeeper.

Censori’s outfit is actually quite COMME des GARÇONS Fall 2023, what with the heightened neck piece and matte textile.

We all know how much Ye loves Dover Street Market so perhaps he simply hooked Censori up with next-season’s CDG.

Either way, this is by far Censori’s most baffling ‘fit to date, which is quite the feat considering some of the wild looks that Ye’s styled her in, including that weird YEEZY SEASON 10 stuff.

Like them or not (“not” being the operative word), it’s pretty impressive that Ye and Censori have already delivered this many baffling outfits in their short time making public appearances together.

But, like we said, Ye’s reputation-ruining rhetoric and anti-Semitic rants will always taint the impressive weirdness of his outfits, no matter who is by his side or what ridiculous clothing they’re wearing.

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