Ye’s Latest Shoe-Less ‘Fit Is Positively Dystopian

No fancy intro needed: Kanye “Ye” West and Bianca Censori latest outfits remind us of something from some sort of post-apocalyptic movie.

Ye, beard-free, shoe-less, and wearing the padded t-shirt of a German policeman — perhaps a borrowed Vetements design — was seen on May 25 alongside new wife Censori, who herself was sporting a makeshift headscarf maybe hatched out of some loose fabric sourced from a vintage T-shirt.

Look, not that we’re film experts, but this is giving pure 28 Days Later vibes.

Of course, this isn’t actually a movie, but simply Ye taking his new wife out for ice cream at Jeni’s in Los Angeles, both wearing their inexplicably dystopian outfits.

The first, and most baffling, thing you’ll notice at first is Ye’s footwear, or lack of in this case.

ICYMI, Ye doesn’t wear shoes anymore. As of last week, it appears he’s switched out his sneakers for his new YEEZY SOCK SNEAKER, which is, essentially, just a pair of socks.

These YEEZY SOCK SNEAKER sit beneath Ye’s preferred black slacks, seemingly borrowed from his YEEZY SEASON 10 show, and his Polizei tee, a boxy black number given a little boost thanks to some strange shoulder pads.

Then there’s Censori who is typically clad in a Pilates-friendly skin-tight ‘fit, finished with a pair of heels covered with knee-high socks which are, again, better suited to Pilates than walking the streets of Los Angeles.

Up top though, the former YEEZY designer has a t-shirt wrapped around her face, paradoxically intended to not to draw attention to her, despite Censori linking links arms with arguably one of the most recognizable men on the planet.

The weirdest part of it all is obviously Ye’s perpetual shoelessness, part of his inexplicable new uniform of torso-warping tops, slim pants (or tights), and socks. Then again, Ye’s reputation-ruining rhetoric and anti-Semitic rants will likely have something to do with the feeling of unease.

I’m not entirely sure how to round out something so unroundable, in all honesty. Because, frankly, none of this makes any sense. A shoe-less summer may well be what Ye has planned, but, unfortunately, we will not be conforming. Especially not for Ye’s sake.

Of course, Ye’s crazy clothes aren’t the only reason he’s currently in the news.

On May 25, the same day that Ye and Bianca Censori were seen fetching ice cream, Hulu premiered the latest season of The Kardashians, wherein Kim Kardashian, Ye’s ex-wife, reopened old wounds.

Presumably, she’s referring to Ye’s unhinged attacks on Pete Davidson, Kim’s then-boyfriend, but they’re also a worthy reminder of how Ye’s unrepentant hate speech doesn’t just affect a minority of the population, but also his family at large.

Something he ought to keep in mind while enjoying that Rocky Road.

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