Stüssy & Our Legacy Work Shop, Assemble!

Few collaborations are as consistenly pleasing as Stüssy and Our Legacy Work Shop.

I’m not sure whether it’s the designs themselves that impress me the most (I mean, they are great), or the gritty aesthetic the two brands effortlessly create whenever they work together, but it’s certainly working — on me, at least.

Well, for Summer 2023, Stüssy and Our Legacy are reuniting and, as expected, they’re delivering another sure-fire banger of a capsule.

Following up their Spring 2023 release from earlier this year, the two labels are reassembling for their sixth partnership of making collections from residual fabrics and upcycled garments.

The result? A subtle blend of beach staples and oversized linen suits, which are complemented by everyday apparel and accessories, like sweaters, shirts, headwear, and beach bags.

This season’s collection is actually pretty extensive. Vast, in fact. Gone are the days of Stüssy and Our Legacy linking for one-product collabs, like that time they released a single down vest for FW22, for this season is all about gear you can get your hands on.

The collection — which lands online on May 26 (11am CET) — also includes reinterpreted wardrobe classics presented in a muted palette and punctuated with clever uses of color, all of which is captured in a neat campaign shot by photographer Jack Bool.

It’s been a pretty busy week for Stüssy, who yesterday revealed their latest collaborative Nike sneaker, which is set to land later this year.

Whether it’s big drops, small drops, or even single product drops, Stüssy and Our Legacy’s penchant for making really great collaborations lives on. Hear, hear!

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