Hayley Kiyoko Won’t Be Denied In Her Bravely Honest ‘Greenlight’ Single

Hayley Kiyoko is slated to perform at Can’t Cancel Pride 2023 next month and the Panorama artist just added a song to her setlist.

On Wednesday, May 24, Kiyoko released “Greenlight.” The single is perseverance in pop form — an undeniably catchy glimpse into Kiyoko’s stream of consciousness as she tries to adjust her outlook.

“I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to prove my worth to people but have realized that if a situation in life is stopping you from moving forward or making you feel trapped, it’s okay to pivot in a new direction. Once I embraced that mindset, so many new doors opened,” Kiyoko said of the song’s inspiration in a statement.

She continued, “‘Greenlight’ is about making an active decision to put your energy into the things that are working. Of course, there will be roadblocks along the way, but we become our best selves when we surround ourselves with people who challenge us in a healthy way, encourage us to keep digging deeper and support our overall journey.”

The melodic chorus finds Kiyoko in the midst of that epiphany. “I keep on waitin’ on red lights / I keep on chasin’ the stop signs,” she sings. “Why isn’t anything movin’? Not movin’ / Can’t take it / I wanna know what it feels like / I wanna follow the green light.”

Kiyoko has plenty moving in her favor right now. The Panorama Tour has seven more dates, including back-to-back nights at Irving Plaza in New York, New York on May 30-31, before wrapping on June 2 in Silver Spring, Maryland. On May 30, Girls Like Girls, her debut novel, will be published. Pre-order it here.

Listen to “Greenlight” above.

Hayley Kiyoko is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.