With OVO x MLS, Drake’s Back at the Footy

Drake, a sporting man, just can’t get enough of football. Sure, basketball, byways of the Toronto Raptors, obviously has the Canadian’s heart, but it’s not the only realm of sport in which he has a vested interest – and no, I don’t mean via his betting habits.

In football, or soccer as our American friends love to call it, Drake’s slid into two of the sport’s major leagues. Through investments shared with LeBron James, the OVO frontman is connected to AC Milan (Serie A) and Liverpool (Premier League). He and Rosalia are both Barcelona F.C. alumus, too. Now, he’s leaving his imprint on Major League Soccer via an apparel collaboration with OVO and Mister Cartoon.

With the USA set to host the World Cup 2026, it’s no surprise that the nation’s interest in football has been on the rise of late. From Drake’s vintage Arsenal shirt to Kim Kardashian’s trips to the Emirates and Parc des Princes and Saint West’s love of the Gunners, celebrities are doing everything they can to get in ahead of the wave that will undoubtedly hit the USA when the tournament arrives on its shores.

Drake, though, has been showing love to the sport for years, having flicked up with plenty of ballers and wearing the jerseys of countless teams, leaving us to surmise that a NOCTA football collection will arrive at some point.

For now, however, NOCTA football remains a fantasy, with OVO x MLS seemingly taking its place.

Arriving as a three-way collaboration, the collection draws inspiration from street culture, shining the spotlight on Toronto FC, New York City FC, and Los Angeles FC through a selection of hoodies, shorts, and tees.

By the looks of things, fans aren’t all the way on board with football yet as every style remains in stock online; somewhat surprising, considering how fast OVO’s NBA collections fly off shelves. Maybe that will all change in 2026.

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