‘Succession’ Viewers Were Surprised, Amused, And Touched By The Seating Arrangements For A Long-Awaited Event

Last week’s Succession Report Card from Brian Grubb passed judgment upon the Roy siblings’ subpar showing while the election night stressed out the audience, and this week, it was time for Logan’s funeral. This will make it possible for him to turn in his grave in the future, but he may have actually been turning in his coffin at his funeral — because of the seating arrangements of his ladies past and present.

Oh sure, Roman also gave us a rare display of emotion by actually beginning the grieving process during the funeral, but first, Caroline did an unexpected thing by inviting Kerry up to the front row. Then Kerry was seated next to Marcia, who actually (and quite warmly) clutched her hand in support. With all of the viciousness that frequently goes on display in this show, it was a rare sight to see “water under the bridge” from anyone, let alone these characters. HBO even saw fit to showcase the moment on Twitter during the episode.

In fact, people couldn’t believe they were seeing Marcia, Caroline, Kerry, and Sally together in the front row. “God, Logan would hate this” couldn’t have been more accurate, and people loved to see it.

One more episode to go, and we’ll see who ends up in charge of the joint.

HBO’s ‘Succession’ airs on Sunday nights at 9:00pm EST.