Meet the Beyhive’s Newest Member: Kendrick Lamar

When the bees — or Bey — call, Kendrick Lamar answers. The two musicians joined forces yet again, this time for the “America Has a Problem” remix.

On Friday evening, while everyone was getting ready for the weekend, Beyoncé sent the internet into a frenzy, casually posting a link to the remix on her Instagram stories. Surprise!

The track, which is now available on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, features none other than King Kendrick. Beyhive fans may remember when the two collaborated for “Freedom” off of Beyoncé’s Lemonade project, resulting in a literal splashing performance together at the 2016 BET Awards.

Kendrick opens the song with his verse, which sees the musician deliver noteworthy bars over the high-energy beat.

One highlight included Kendrick proclaiming himself as part of the Beyhive. “I’m an honorary Beyhive. Let’s see why them diamonds don’t be fly. They all CGI,” he rapped.

There’s always room amongst the swarm.

He also calls out the rise in AI-generated music, stating, “Even AI gotta practice clonin’ Kendrick.” Basically, the bots will have to step their game up to emulate the unique musical style of this Grammy-award-winning artist. Even then, there’s no topping the OG.

Regarding reactions, the internet is going wild over a new Bey and Kendrick linkup, especially over a dance track from Beyoncé’s critically-acclaimed Renaissance album.

On the other hand, a few users wished Beyoncé gave the remix to a LGBTQIA+-identifying rapper (Saucy Santana was brought up). Beyoncé’s seventh studio album has strong ties to the queer community, mentioning and even featuring the culture’s most famed faces.

Renaissance is also an ode to Beyoncé’s uncle Johnny, whom she once called “the most fabulous gay man.” In 2019, Bey won a GLAAD award, dedicating the win to her beloved uncle who struggled with HIV.

Beyoncé’s Renaissance continues to be the gift that keeps giving, having blessed us with remixes for “Break My Soul,” “Cuff It,” and now “America Has a Problem.”

The global tour is just getting started (with plenty of serves already in view). And one thing about Queen Bey: she’s full of surprises, and I suspect she has more tricks up her sleeves.

Oh, the thrills of being a Bey fan. Even Kendrick can’t resist.

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