A Hermès Bag, But for Your AirPods

Birkins for people? Nah, more like your headphones. They deserve it!

After luxury-fying iPhone cases and AirTags, Hermès gives Apple’s AirPods new leather homes — for the price of $930, of course.

Hermès’ AirPod Pro 2 cases come in five color options: gold (pictured above), navy blue, bleu lin, orange, and green. Crafted with the house’s renowned leather, each case arrives with a detachable leather strap, further fueling the AirPod Birkin allegations.

Hermès even stated on its website the strap allows people to wear it as a necklace or a mini handbag. See, told you.

While there’s a cutout for the charging cable’s port, the case’s leather is also said to be thin enough for wireless charging capabilities. By the way, did I mention Hermès also has a power bank?

And last but not least, Hermès luxurious headphone cases are compatible with all AirPods Pro generations, by the way.

Hermès is on a mission to make its brand a lifestyle. The French leather goods company also entered the beauty chat with blotting papers. Meawhile, yoga is also set to get a taste of Hermès luxury.

Hermès dove into the tech world with Apple a couple of years back. And from the looks of it, the two are still going strong with this fresh delivery of leather purses for AirPods — which are available on Hermes’ website as we speak.

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