Summer Running Outfits to Keep You Cool & Fit

There’s nothing worse than getting all sweaty when the weather starts to heat up in the summer. Unless you’re working out. Then there’s nothing worse than not being equipped to deal with the sweat you’re about to work up. If you’re going to be keeping fit social-distancing style by pounding the pavement this summer, you’re going to need the right gear to make sure your workout doesn’t get too hot to handle.

Below, we’ve put together some of our favorite summer running outfits to keep you cool (or at least as cool as possible) while you’re putting in work. While these outfits are designed for the runners among us, there’s nothing that says you can’t wear these to the gym, or even on some of those incredibly hot days where a light sweat is unavoidable.

Moisture-wicking technology, as little fabric as possible, and some of the best, lightweight running shoes make up our selection below.

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Long-Distance Love

We all feel comfortable running different distances, but this fit is for the long-distance runners. When you’re upping the distances, you need to rely on technical accessories to ease the burden. The functional star of this show is the running vest for your water bottle and phone.

Hot & Sweaty

We’re getting into summer and that means that you need to get used to the heat again. For some, this is what they’ve been waiting for all year, for others, rethinking the outfit is essential to minimize the effects of the heat. We’re opting for a skimpy combination on the racing shorts and running tank for maximum skin exposure (don’t forget to cream up) and our essential piece is the Aerobill Tailwind cap.

Night Runner

For those who can’t face the daytime heat of a summer run, nighttime runs become a staple. It’s important at nighttime to be highly visible, so we’ve gone for highlight colors, each piece equipped with reflective patches throughout. The Repel Jacket accounts for any chilly summer nights.

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