Hermès’ $890 Yoga Pants Are For Deep Breathers With Deeper Pockets

Quiet luxury is coming for your yoga pants. Hermès has launched a new range of athleisure, including a pair of $890 leggings (Lululemon could never).

The pricey additions are housed in the “Home, Outdoor and Equestrian” section of Hermès’ website. A representative from the French maison confirmed that the yoga wear is a “new addition to our equestrian line,” a collection of riding gear spanning helmets to show jumping jackets.

In addition to nearly $900 yoga pants (which, by the way, are 59% viscose and 28% polyester), affluent yogis can chose from a variety of other wares including a pair of $540 yoga shorts (accented with Hermès orange stripes down the side), a $475 sports bra, and a $1,425 “yoga jumpsuit” (essentially a burgundy bodysuit).

In line with Hermès’ typically understated, logo-free designs — hallmarks of “quiet luxury,” a genre of fashion that recently reentered the cultural zeitgeist thanks to the final season of Succession — the new offerings aren’t immediately identifiable as Hermès. Sure, there are the orange stripes, but such a detail is only recognizable to a certain set of people.

If the thought of spending $1,000 on a yoga outfit is enough to raise your blood pressure, try shavasana and a couple of deep breaths — $890 Hermès leggings optional.

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