Drake Just Bought His $75m Mansion — Now He’s Selling It for $88m

Drake is nothing if not restless. The Canadian rapper seemingly just settled down in Los Angeles only to get cold feet, putting his newly-purchased $75 million mansion home back on the market.

The thing is, Drake tacked an additional $13m on top of the original asking price that he paid, meaning that he figures he can get $88m for the enormous 25,000 sq ft Beverly Hills mega-mansion.

Drake has owned the property for just over a year, having paid English musician Robbie Williams $75 million back in late Febaruary 2022 for the property that cost Williams just over $32 million back in 2015.

As the LA Times noted, if Drake can get a buyer to cough up $88m for his house, it’ll be the most expensive home sale in Southern California all year amidst the region’s weakened luxury real estate market. Currently, it’s the biggest ask within the covetable 90210 zip code.

I guess all it takes to bump up the cost of a house this gargantuan is the knowledge that a famous dude once lived in it. Like, Drake didn’t even renovate it or anything — just his presumed presence within this huge mansion is enough to bump up its price tag by nearly 20% over what he paid.

Still, guess Drake’s got his pal Kanye beat.

Drake’s property is being repped by The Beverly Hills Estates, which describes itself as having reached “the pinnacle of the global real estate market,” so sounds like he’s in good hands. Eat your heart out, Selling Sunset cast.

As a reminder that the uber-rich are truly nothing like us mere mortals, you can even take a peek inside Drake’s palacious estate.

Drake either never moved his stuff in or already got it out, as the furnishings and art seen in photos are presumably stock stuff, but you can still see that the owner of this palace will enjoy bedrooms larger than most people’s apartments — many with enough closet space to fit all of your NOCTA gear and collaborative Nike sneakers — a wine cellar, tennis court, huge pool (with cabana, natch), private gym, and a patio fitted with a wood-fired oven.

Y’know, just normal people things. Only the best for the person willing to pay extra for the privilege of living where Drake himself once did.

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