Swarovski Jackets & Snakeskin Sneakers: Drake’s New NOCTA Has It All

Drake and Nike’s NOCTA project doesn’t drop clothes by anyone’s schedule but its own. Each capsule or sneaker release is less of a seasonal collection and more of a bit-sized moment in hype intended to get fans hyped to buy more merch-cum-sportswear.

That being said, NOCTA’s final Spring 2023 offering, Distant Regards, is one of the most expansive NOCTA releases in recent memory.

“The [Distant Regards] collection is inspired by Nigeria, the lifestyle and need for versatility,” Nocta said in a press release. But “as a whole, it transcends that intent and is a must-have for anyone touching road.”

There you have it folks: if you’re planning to travel anywhere the second the temperatures rise, NOCTA says you need its stuff.

This time, NOCTA is dropping snakeskin colorways of Drake’s NOCTA Hot Step sneaker, which take the otherwise understated white stepper from elderly to eyeball-worthy.

One colorway of the snakeskin NOCTA Hot Step, Light Bone, will launch on Nike’s SKNRS app and NOCTA’s website May 16 at 12am EST; the other two colorways, Pink Quartz and Light Pumice, are NOCTA exclusives.

This is the classic NOCTA sneaker, a silhouette informed by retro chunk and futuristic lines. If you like it, you like it, and if not, well, the snakeskin ain’t gonna change your mind.

Luckily for you, NOCTA’s Distant Regards collection has much more in store.

Unlike the Turks and Caicos line, which was pure beachside comfort, NOCTA’s Distant Regards collection is a blend of technical functionality and flashy glitz.

For instance, there are a few technical jackets and pants replete with plentiful pockets, stowable hoods, and bungee cords at the hems that allow the wearer to adjust the fit as need be.

Reflective 3M accents and sparkly Swarovski crystal Swooshes up the visual appeal, though, making the otherwise understated NOCTA staples a little more flex-worthy.

As mentioned earlier, it all drops May 15 via NOCTA’s website — No Nike Zoom Drive or Zoom Flight 95 in sight yet but the summer is young…

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