Jay-Z Urging NYC Officials To Approve Gaming License For Times Square Casino

Mogul/Rapper Jay-Z is allegedly trying to get approval to run a Caesars Palace casino in Times Square!

In an open letter to New York City officials after “conflicted parties” attempted to “spread disinformation,” the Brooklyn Billionaire is urging them to grant Roc Nation a gaming license to open a casino in conjunction with property firm SL Green and Caesars Entertainment.

The company set out a plan that it claims will attract more tourists to the city as well as improving New Yorkers’ lives.


It’s also promising $115 million for “diverse theater programs” that would cover daycare costs for Broadway workers.

Roc Nation said its plan includes investing in sanitation and security in the Times Square area and vowed to “protect the interests” of the Broadway theater community.

The company says the winning casino bidder “must always put the well-being of New Yorkers at the top of their agenda and do right by its residents.”

It argues that the group is committed to maintaining Times Square’s connection with “all facets of culture” and that there was no better location for a Caesars Palace casino than the “Crossroads of the World.”

Roc Nation joined Caesars Entertainment and SL Green’s bid in December. At the time Jay-Z said: “My partnership with SL Green and Caesars, this coalition, has all the promise and commitment to economic opportunity, growth and enrichment for the community, and everyone who visits the Empire State.”

Applicants for the gaming license must pay a non-refundable $1 million fee, according to The New York Times, and be prepared to invest $500 million and an additional $500 million in fees.