Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Tour Looks, From Beyhive Realness to Classic Catsuits

The drought is over: Queen Bey is back on tour. And she’s in custom everything.

On May 10, Beyoncé kicked off her highly anticipated Renaissance world tour in Stockholm, Sweden. Having waited seven long years since her last solo tour (2016’s Formation), the Beyhive wasted no time tuning in, eager to catch an early glimpse of the spectacle. The set designs were opulent and the transitions “***Flawless”, but the focus was on Beyoncé’s fashion.

Beyoncé’s tour wardrobe consists of a decked-out roster of designers, and as far as the Beyhive is concerned, I can confidently say that we’re collectively gagging. Beyoncé not only set the bar, she IS the bar. So, naturally we had to rank her looks from best, to better.

Mugler’s Fembot and Beyhive Realness:

Mugler and Beyoncé have been long-time collaborators for both tours and music videos. For the Renaissance tour, Mugler creative director Casey Cadwallader supplied not one, but two noteworthy looks inspired by original Thierry Mugler creations. As both of these Beyoncé Mugler looks ranked at the top of my list, I couldn’t pick just one.

David Koma’s Psychedelic Prints:

One of my personal favorite Renaissance tour looks so far is a head-to-toe kaleidoscopic David Koma look inspired by Koma’s Spring 2023 line. This outfit was made for the dancefloor, especially with its ultra-reflective cropped jacket and boots.

Balmain’s Pearly Bodice:

Continuing the Renaissance-couture rollout that began with Beyoncé’s recent British Vogue cover, Balmain supplied the queen with a pearl-encrusted look, down to the accessories. On the second night of the Renaissance tour, Beyoncé unveiled a slightly different version of the look, teasing that the first night’s wardrobe was just the beginning.

LOEWE’s Hands-On Ensemble:

One of the first looks to send the social platforms into a tailspin, Beyoncé’s LOEWE bodysuit was a lavish upgrade from the runway version of the same print. One word? Cunty.

Courreges’ Looking Glass:

The bodysuit-ification of designer looks continues with Courréges creating an iridescent one-piece for Beyoncé, alongside matching pieces for her backup dancers. Make no mistake, I enjoyed every look I’ve seen thus far, but the previous ones were a bit more attention grabbing to me.

McQueen’s Crystalized Catsuit:

Anyone who knows Beyoncé knows she lives for a bedazzled bodysuit moment, so Alexander McQueen provided a crystalized catsuit inspired by a look from the Fall ‘23 line. The one-piece suit, complete with master tailoring around the waist, was on par with Beyoncé’s sparkling bodysuits of tours past.

Coperni’s Chromatic Cape:

To close out the Renaissance show, Beyoncé wore a dazzling custom bodysuit and cape set by Coperni. The silver-clad ensemble was eye-catching and finale-worthy, but not one of my favorites as it felt comparatively less dynamic.

Honorable Mention:

Honorable mention goes to Anrealage’s futuristic, photochromic robe and, of course, all of the accessories accompanying Beyoncé’s radiant looks.

As the north star for Virgos everywhere, Beyoncé and stylist Shiona Turini never skimp on the details. Complimenting her sumptuous looks are an oversized chrome hat from Ukrainian brand Ruslan Baginsky and custom thigh-high boots by GEDEBE.

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