A Viral Lyric In Lana Del Rey’s Recent Song Was, In Fact, Not About Jack Antonoff’s Eventual Wedding Date

When Lana Del Rey dropped her recent album, Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, fans immediately were interested in the meaning behind the song, “Margaret.” Del Rey had written it about her friend and collaborator, Jack Antonoff, and particularly his fiancée Margaret Qualley.

One line also caught some people’s attention, as Del Rey sings, “I mean, join the party / By the way, the party is Dec. 18.” This led to possible speculation that Antonoff and Qualley were either 1. already married or 2. were planning that date as their eventual wedding.”

However, Qualley did a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, where she confirmed that December 18 was not her planned wedding date.

“I am not,” Qualley said. “[Lana] was kind enough to not put my real wedding date in the song. But I love that song so much. It makes me feel like I’m living in a dream. She’s my favorite poet. I adore her.”

Antonoff has also shared a similar sentiment about the song, while on stage as the two performed it during a concert for his band Bleachers. “One day I met Lana in the studio in California, and she said, ‘Let’s write a song about your fiancée,’ and I said ‘Okay,’ and I thought she was joking, and she wasn’t,” he said.

Here’s hoping we find out what party is ever happening.