Julia Fox’s Least-Clothed Outfit Is Ironically Also Her Safest

The less Julia Fox wears, the more buzz she gets. Ironically, as Fox steps out in one of her least-clothed looks ever, she’s always dressed safer than ever.

I say “safer” because Julix Fox is wearing nothing but condoms! Safe sex. Ha ha ha. Sigh.

Anyways, good for Julia Fox. She’s in perpetually excellent shape and clearly keen to show it off by wearing some of the most ludicrous outfits this side of the Met Gala.

Julia Fox’s condom look is as straightforward as it sounds.

She’s wearing an extremely small bandier top and shin guards (?) made of little plastic squares that each contain an individual condom, with handbag to match.

Fox is also wearing eerily flesh-toned opaque gloves that, yes, also kinda look like condoms.

Returning to the earlier point, it’s not coincidence that people start talking when Julia Fox dresses down.

Fox has mastered the art of the pre-planned paparazzi photoshoot. This is a time-tested celebrity tradition wherein a famous person calls up a shutterbug — Bobby Rachpoot, in Julia Fox’s case — to lens their latest look in a staged setting.

This way, the paparazzi gets guaranteed content to sell and the celeb gets complete creative control over their image.

These shoots are a canny way to quickly boost one’s visibility, especially for someone like Julia Fox.

Fox was thrust into the spotlight in early 2022 thanks to a brief fling with Kanye “Ye” West — from late 2021 onwards, Julia Fox hasn’t stopped wearing crazy stuff.

Since 2022, Julia Fox has — deep breath — dressed as a leather-clad horse, worn a barely-there bikini, the lowest of low-rise pants, a shredded Hanes tanktop, and a DIY denim dress that looks like a Canadian tuxedo on a bender.

She’s still at it as of 2023, having just turned up wearing nothing but a bunch of necktiesMartin Margiela, eat your heart out.

It’s all super gimmicky stuff, which is the point.

Fox is aiming for attention and if she keeps wearing stuff as crazy as her full condom look, it’ll likely work. I mean, it’s pretty hard to ignore an outfit made almost entirely out of condoms.

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