It’s Settled; Grey Is the New Black

Alright, I’ll say it if no one else will; grey is the most dynamic color (dun-dun-dun). Now, before all you loyalists fervently prepare a defense for your precious Pantones, let me first state my case.

Almost instinctively, we assign attributes to colors that exist on the wide spectrum anchored by the opposing purity of white and the abstract mysticism of black. A hue like red can feel charged and intense, while yellows and greens give a more radiant, natural energy– and the list goes on until you reach one side or the other.

But what exists beyond these boundaries? What characteristics can be ascribed following the perceived start and finish? This, quite literally, is where the grey area begins—the space between genesis and conclusion where ambiguity thrives.

This unique territory is where brands like New Balance have grounded their identity– you know it’s real, too, when there’s a whole day dedicated to the monochromatic shade. What some perceive as a dull and dreary pigment, others see as a blank slate that gives carte blanche to originality and imagination.

Think about it; when done right, a good groutfit can seamlessly apply to all situations. From a casual Sunday stroll to a confident strut down an NBA player tunnel, grey can serve us all whenever we need it to. In honor of the subtly robust nature of the unassuming pigment, here are some of our favorite grey looks inspired by New Balance:

Hailey Bieber

We all should take notes from Hailey Bieber when it comes to dressing comfortably. While grabbing a post-workout recovery drink with friends, Bieber embodies the essence of high-low style with this fit, matching a fresh pair of 550s with a modest Prada puffer. Known for her expansive sneaker rotation that includes a steady diet of NBs, Bieber has undoubtedly mastered the art of relaxed style– all hail the queen of off-day fits!

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac’s fatherly swag has always been on point. Clad in a comfortable grey button-down and brown corduroys to match his New Balance 993s, the Scenes From A Marriage actor looks like the responsible patriarch that we all need in our life. While he may have relinquished the title of America’s favorite sexy dad to good friend Pedro Pascal, Isaac’s style is the standard all aspiring fathers should strive to achieve.

Emily Ratajkowski

This Em Rata fit showcases the true fluidity of the color grey. A fresh take on the classic groutfit, the model turned author turned podcast host stepped out in NYC sporting a unique grey cropped blazer and mini-skirt from Coperni’s AW22 collection. Finishing off the look with a pair of black knee highs and some sporty New Balance trainers, this is a solid entry from Ratajkowski even if she did take direct inspo from Bella Hadid– but then again, who doesn’t?

Tyrese Maxey

If you’re a young star in the NBA, your off-court aesthetic matters almost as much as your in-game performance– just make sure the ball goes in the hoop, and you’re good. In addition to handling on-court business during these most recent NBA playoffs, Philadelphia 76ers guard Tyrese Maxey has upped his off the floor fits to match his smooth play style. As a recent signee to the New Balance team, the three-year pro has taken full advantage of all the contract perks, piecing together a few notable fits thanks to the brand’s deep shoe archive.

Jack Harlow

Sometimes it’s fun to look back through the yearbook. This time we open up to a page from 2019, where we find a pre-fame Jack Harlow posing for a prescient fit pic, rocking a classic pair of 990s to compliment the fresh New Balance logo hoodie tucked into his sweats. While it’s safe to say the Nail Tech rapper has come a long way from this point, it’s still fun to reminisce on days of old. Is the fit outstanding? Maybe not. Do we know why he’s standing in the street? No. Are we here for it all, though? Absolutely.

P.S. Peep the glow-up!