Thanks to Daniel Lee, Burberry Has a New Sole

The grand reveal of Burberry’s Fall/Winter 2023 footwear didn’t actually reveal much at all. In fact, it’s a stretch to even call the three sole shots the house posted on its Instagram a reveal at all.

One thing we can takeaway from the images, however, is that Daniel Lee’s obsession with Burberry’s Equestrian Knight logo isn’t going anywhere. If anything, it’s getting stronger.

Since being named the British label’s Chief Creative Officer in late 2022, Daniel Lee has transformed the Burberry left by his predecessor, Ricardo Tisci.

Not only has he enlisted a host of British talent into its campaigns and showed us a glimpse of a Burberry vision inherently different to that of Tisci, he’s changed up the logo, too.

Lee took Burberry back to its roots with a reworked take of the Equestrian Knight motif that was first used at the beginning of the 20th century.

Described by the label as “a modern take on British luxury” and “a new chapter for the brand,” the new-look motif is now adorning nearly everything the house is sharing, presumably including the soles of next season’s footwear.

As I say, the “reveal” doesn’t reveal much at all, aside from three blue-bottomed formal-looking shoes (one of which is clearly a stiletto, the others probably brogues) that look almost too crisp to walk in.

Nevertheless, a side from Stormzy’s Met Gala ‘fit, these posts are the first glimpse we’ve had at what a Daniel Lee Burberry shoe looks like – and it’s promising.

Historically, luxury footwear has never been great. There’s often too many bells and whistles for my liking. That being said, I think that maybe the addition of an Equestrian Knight on the underside of a pair of Burberry sneakers wouldn’t go a miss. There’s a line I never thought I’d say.

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