Of Course Donald Trump Thinks That It’s A ‘Travesty Of Justice’ That The Jury Wasn’t Told The Name Of E. Jean Carroll’s Cat

After being found liable for the sexual abuse of E. Jean Carroll thanks to a jury siding with her civil suit against the former president, Donald Trump is doing what he does best: Having a meltdown on social media.

Despite his breathtakingly incriminating deposition playing a major factor in the verdict, the former president seems convinced that things would’ve had swung his way had the jury known… the name of Carroll’s cat?

“The partisan Judge & Jury on the just concluded Witch Hunt Trial should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for allowing such a travesty of Justice to take place,” Trump raged before questioning how the jury could’ve made such a monumental decision without knowing that Carroll’s cat is named Vagina T. Fireball. Which is true, by the way, that is the cat’s name, but also, what does that have to do with literally anything?

Via The Daily Beast:

“The ‘Dress,’ which played such a big roll early on as a threatening bluff, but which ended up being totally exculpatory, was not allowed into the trial as evidence,” he wrote, referring to a dress worn by Carroll on the day she claimed Trump attacked her in the 1990s. “Nor was her cat’s name, ‘Vagina,’ the racist name she called her Black husband, ‘Ape,’ getting caught in a lie on the political operative paying for this Hoax, & much more!”

As The Daily Beast reports, Trump’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, requested to question Carroll about the racist name-calling that she openly admitted to in her own book. That request was shot down by the judge because “the unfair prejudicial effect of the comment outrageously outweighs any probative value.” In other words, like Vagina T. Fireball, the incident has absolutely no bearing on whether Carroll was sexually assaulted by Trump.

(Via The Daily Beast)