New VanMoof Wheels? Yes, Four Times!

With summer edging ever closer, there’s no time like the present to switch out your pedestrian lifestyle for a season spent spinning around on two wheels. Better yet, the arrival of the latest evolution of VanMoof’s world-renowned fleet of e-bikes, the S4 and X4, are the perfect options to kickstart your two-wheeled adventures.

If you’re yet to make the transition onto a bike or from a traditional set of wheels onto an e-bike, the latest news coming out of VanMoof may well be the nudge you need to see to the alignment of the stars.

Whether or not you’ve realized, VanMoof is everywhere; up and down the world’s major cities, whether New York, London, or Paris, you’ll have seen at least a generous handful of these minimalist beauties ferrying their owners around.

Failing that, you’ll undoubtedly have caught plenty of celebs or social media personalities opting for VanMoof when it comes to moving from A to B.

Thanks to the arrival of its e-bike evolution, you may see that exposure intensify as VanMoof, once again proves its product to be world-class.

So, what exactly is on offer here? Both the S4 and X4 share the iconic frame shapes of their predecessors, the S3 and X4, while embodying 13 years of in-house innovation, expertise, and rider feedback. In short, the best has gotten even better.

Both of these minimalist builds have been optimized for fast and frequent rides, with these cross-city adventures made easy thanks to automatic 2-speed gear shifting and an integrated Gen 4 Kick Lock that secures the rear wheel with a tap ā€“ with ease of use and access being essential for inner-city travel.

Better yet, anti-theft tech, including onboard alarms and location tracking, is built in. As somebody that has fallen victim to two bike thefts in the city, I cannot stress how big of a bonus this is.

If all of that wasn’t enough, this fine-tuned pair comes in four vibrant color options ā€“ “Evergreen,” “Sunbeam Yellow,” “Purple Fog,” and “Foam Green” ā€“ that have been perfected for the season ahead, affording riders a taste of VanMoof’s signature style.

Now, I’m sure that’s enough to convince you now’s the time to pursue a futue pushed forward on pedals. However, if a little more time is required to make the switch, the VanMoof S4 and X4 are due to arrive this June.

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