King Charles Is Being Dragged After A Lip Reader Claimed That He Complained About His ‘Boring’ Coronation

In case you went off the grid over the weekend, King Charles was officially coronated on Saturday in a lavish, gold-encrusted ceremony that inspired Monty Python jokes and reportedly cost the U.K. taxpayers up to $125 million in a time of economic turmoil. At least we got a good Katy Perry moment (and response) to watch from this side of the pond, but it would be understandable if the British public wasn’t so thrilled after a lip reader’s claims about what Charles allegedly said within his golden carriage.

Not too terribly long after Charles appeared to be testily demanding that a staffer clean his desk, this new claim isn’t going over well either.

Sky News posted video footage that shows Charles appearing to be displeased with something. The footage is superimposed with alleged complaints such as “this is boring,” “we can never be on time,” and “there’s always something.” According to The Daily Beast, this took place while Charles spent five minutes waiting outside of Westminster Abbey before the coronation ceremony. Here’s the footage, so you be the judge.

He’s seemingly not thrilled about something. There’s no telling whether the lip reader’s claims are accurate, but lest one think that a Yank interpretation of British temperament is to blame, it sure seems like some Londoners aren’t thrilled either, from the looks of these reactions.

Again, this ceremony mostly happened on the taxpayer’s dime since the coronation was considered to be a state function. There’s been no comment from Camp Charles as of yet.

(Via The Daily Beast)