Joel Embiid Accidentally Stomped On The Back Of Grant Williams’ Head

Friday night’s game between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers was a hotly-contested affair, and in the game’s fourth quarter, a scary looking incident occurred between Joel Embiid and Grant Williams. Both Williams and Jaylen Brown tried their best to corral a loose ball, but were unsuccessful in their efforts, as both players hit the deck and couldn’t reel it in.

The two players dove for it right near Embiid, who tried his best to hop over the pair of Celtics players. That didn’t quite happen, because when Embiid went to land, his right foot connected with the back of Williams’ head, which sent the Boston forward’s face right into the hardwood.

It did not look good at all and there was a little bit of blood, which led to Williams briefly coming out of the game to get medical attention. But somehow, this must not have been nearly as bad as it looked, as Williams was able to come back into the game shortly after. The two actually discussed the moment, with Embiid apologizing and Williams saying he knew the league MVP was going for the ball.

We’ll have to wait until after the game to find out if anything happened to Williams — who Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla trusted to battle with Embiid for stretches of the game — that he was able to play through.